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How can we access the best version of ourselves in our busy modern world? The Inward podcast delves within via the body’s wisdom, mental wellness, holistic health and staying positive in a tender world. Hosted by Inward founder Kayla Robertson, learn from her interviews with inspirational guests on psychology, health, creativity and culture as they share their stories, wisdom and advice. Episodes go live every second Wednesday.

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Clare Bowditch (credit Anna Robinson) 2019, 1.81mb.jpeg

Silence your Inner Critic with Clare Bowditch

Clare Bowditch is an ARIA-award winning singer, actress and storyteller who has touched hundreds of thousands of lives with her heart-stirring work. She is as beloved as she is successful because she embodies a way of being in the world that is bold and brave, and beautifully vulnerable.

It’s this vulnerability that is one of her most treasured gifts. It’s evident within her songs, and now it’s laid bare in her new book, Your Own Kind of Girl, which details her struggles with her very loud, very destructive inner critic, who has threatened to keep her life very, very small.

This conversation is for anybody who has an inner critic of their own, who struggles to believe in themself, who sometimes has dark days, and yet despite all this knows that they are worthy and capable of having an amazing life.

Kemi Nekvapil.png

Personal Power with Kemi Nekvapil

Learn about stepping into personal power from the life and wisdom of Kemi Nekvapil. Kemi is an ICF-accredited coach, a compelling speaker, author and a 'Dare to Lead' facilitator. She's an absolute force.

Our conversation is an uplifting session for anybody looking to redefine their relationship with their goals, gain courage to ask for what they want and to make choices aligned with the life they want to lead. Kemi uses countless examples from her own life on how she walks the talk. And, just between you and me, I was absolutely blown away.

AND Kemi also JUST launched her own podcast called The Shift Series – a short and sharp podcast, that distils much of her coaching wisdom into an easy, actionable format. It’s a must listen. 

Rhea Dempsey - Dumbo Feather.png

Holding Space for Women with Rhea Dempsey

This episode honours a woman at her most powerful and profound - when in labour. For more than thirty years, Rhea Dempsey has been helping women/birthing people and their partners to feel empowered and more prepared when navigating child birth. Rhea is known around the world for her earthy pragmatism as a birth support attendant and educator, and has attended more than 1,500 births over her career.

Rhea has the most poetic and lyrical expressions in the way she describes birth, her words are a joy to listen to. We spoke about why our attitudes towards birth have changed so dramatically since the 1980s, how we can hold space during birth, and how we can provide unconditional support however that story story unfolds. This episode originally aired on the brilliant Dumbo Feather podcast in 2018 and was produced by Lizzie Marton.


The most effective thing you can do for the environment with Erin Rhoads

Zero waste campaigner Erin Rhoads from The Rogue Ginger once famously put 18 month’s worth of her rubbish into a single glass jar. But Erin hasn’t always had a low waste lifestyle. In fact she says it used to be “fast food, fast living” kind. She’s shared her journey to reducing her impact on the environment through her blog The Rogue Ginger - one habit, one blog post at a time.

Today Erin’s a sought-after writer and speaker. She was a consultant on ABCs War on Waste, and shares skills and practical help to hundreds at workshops, talks and forums, and founded Zero Waste Victoria and Plastic Bag Free Victoria.

This conversation is an empowering one for anybody who wants to take small steps to make the world a better place.


The Role of Food in Self Care with Julia Ostro

Meeting Julia Busuttil Nishimura is like catching up with an old friend. She’s warm and grounded and full of life. She’s the kind of person you’d hope that you sit next to at a dinner party, so it was really my good fortune to sit at her famous dining room table - an old and adored little table that features in so many of Julia’s food photography - and chat about our shared passion for a good meal.

Julia is also known as “Julia Ostro”, and is a beloved foodie, recipe writer and best-selling author. She is full of beautiful wisdom and advice. I took real inspiration from Julia’s slow approach to food and life, and how Julia used this approach to chase her dreams, navigating the transition from school teaching to cook via Tuscany, motherhood and pursuing her passion for simple cooking. We discuss the powerful role food plays in self-care, honing your intuition - in and out of the kitchen - and the joy of gathering together at the table. Buon appetito!

Elise Bialylew.png

How to Practise Mindfulness in Daily Life with Dr. Elise Bialylew

Dr. Elise Bialylew is a psychiatrist, mindfulness expert and meditation teacher. Her life’s work is to help people like you and me experience the benefits of mindfulness, and she founded Mindful in May and wrote a book, The Happiness Plan, to do so. This episode is FILLED with wonderful, practical, realistic advice so that everybody can walk away with the resources they need to begin exploring mindfulness and meditation.

What is all the hype around mindfulness, you may ask? Well, just like our bodies, our minds need training to function at their best. Mindfulness is a form of mental training that supports the mind to be more focused, effective, and present to what we are doing as we are doing it.  It’s often described as the practice of bringing your full attention, in an open, non-judgmental way to the present moment. Listen to learn more.

Jessica Sepel.png

Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food with Jessica Sepel

As a clinical nutritionist and best-selling author, Jessica Sepel is best known for her philosophy of “Living The Healthy Life”. She believes that we should celebrate food with balance and joy rather than deprivation and fad dieting, and promotes healthy eating as a “forever approach” that includes tasty treats as well as well as mindful consumption.

After years of suffering with fad dieting, calorie counting and body image issues, Jess discovered a love for nutrition and transformed her lifestyle. Instead of feeling hateful of her body, she became grateful for it. Instead of counting calories, she began to focus on nourishing wholefoods.

Jess is passionate about empowering people like you to give up dieting, throw out the scales and find balance with food for life - and you’ll hear this passion as she speaks honestly, and from the heart.

Madeline Dore.png

Extraordinary Routines with Madeleine Dore

In this episode we’re focusing on daily routines with the extraordinary Madeleine Dore from Extraordinary Routines. Madeleine is a writer, interviewer and routine explorer who founded the interview project to investigate where creativity and imperfection intersect. It came about as a direct response from her goal of becoming an arts journalist and creating a job that she wanted, and it’s developed a cult-like following.

Since then, Madeleine has launched the event series Side Project Sessions - which I’ve attended and adore - for what she calls a “peer-pressured productivity”. It’s a session where creatives and people of all walks of life can come together, get out of their own way and carve out time to create something extraordinary. Madeleine has a wealth of knowledge about routines, habit setting, habit tracking and bullet journalling, and being kind to ourselves with the messiness of creative life.

Kate James.png

Living with Purpose with Kate James

I’ll be eternally grateful for this life-affirming conversation with Kate James.

Kate is an internationally renowned coach, mindfulness teacher and bestselling author who works to help clients identify their values and strengths so that they can define their own version of a meaningful life. Kate is bursting with integrity and honesty, and I feel honoured that she was so generous with her thoughts and energy for this episode.

In this conversation, Kate shares her thoughts on listening to our gut instinct and the practical ways that we can build self-belief and identify our purpose. I truly hope that you get as much out of this conversation as I did.


Down to Earth Living with Milkwood Permaculture

What does a meaningful life look like? Is it found in money, careers or home-ownership? Or is found somewhere beyond this? In the over-looked parts of everyday life that we’ve under-valued, but are brimming with potential?

Today’s conversation with permaculture educators Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar from Milkwood is an absolute joy, as they share their gentle and exploratory journey towards creating a good life.

It begins in central Melbourne, where Kirsten and Nick worked as art-makers and VJs - before undertaking an enormous challenge and moving to Nick’s rural family farm in NSW in the hope of transforming it into a new life and their new livelihood. With a lot of love and effort, this eventually blossomed into their permaculture business Milkwood Permaculture - that has trained and inspired thousands of us with it’s message of building a better world.


Slow Food, Slow Living with Paul West

This is a special episode for anybody wanting to live a simpler life. Paul West is a chef, sustainable food advocate, and the host of River Cottage Australia, famously bringing Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s beloved series of farm life to Australian television screens.

However, for Paul, life wasn’t always so rosy. In our conversation, we go behind the scenes to explore his own story to discovering the River Cottage lifestyle - from growing up in a small town in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales to volunteering on organic farms through to eventually working as a chef at Melbourne’s exclusive Vue de Monde restaurant. For many, cheffing at Vue de Monde is considered a triumph. But for Paul, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Overworked, overstressed and undernourished, he found himself questioning this version of success - ultimately deciding to redefine what success meant to him and his growing family.


Radical Self Acceptance with Dr. Richard Chambers

Dr. Richard Chambers is an internationally recognised mindfulness expert, psychologist, and the co-creator of Smiling Mind. I've personally benefitted from his knowledge, alongside thousands of others, offered through his courses with Monash University, in-person classes, online courses, and TEDx talk - where he helps us to harness the power of mindfulness in everyday life.

Mindfulness basically means being aware and fully engaged in each moment of life. It starts with paying full attention to what we are doing, staying in direct contact with what is actually happening, and not getting caught up in judgment. Research has shown that this reduces stress and anxiety, improves productivity and performance and helps with our overall health.

Lola Berry.jpeg

Becoming Our Best Selves with Lola Berry

My next guest needs little introduction. Lola Berry is a nutritionist, a yoga teacher and is the author of ten best-selling books. Her name is synonymous with her happy-go-lucky persona and her vivaciousness for life, but what she rarely reveals is the criticism that she receives behind the scenes. As a well-known personality, Lola has faced a barrage of unkind criticism judging the way she looks, what she wears, her weight, and her very being.

I actually met Lola nearly ten years ago when both of our lives looked very different. Lola and I discuss how we can tune into our deeper values and true self to transform our inner and outer world. Lola shares the strategies that she’s adopted that’s allowed her to be the version of herself, and to be an active and joyful participant in her own life.

Pia Jane Bijkerk.jpeg

Everyday Alchemy with Pia Bijkerk

Rarely has a book captivated and delighted me as much as My Heart Wanders by Pia Bijkerk, an author, artist and visual storyteller. It honours what Pia calls our heart wanderings - the journeys that we take physically and emotionally when we’re guided by our intuition.

Pia believes that we have the opportunity to flourish as human beings when we tune into our inner child and our deeper yearnings, rather than being guided solely by our thoughts. Through her work and her mentoring sessions with creative clients, she supports others to do the same.

Jamie Marloo Thomas_+Tiffany+Garvie.jpeg

Connect to Country with Jamie Marloo Thomas

It’s an honour to introduce this podcast series with a conversation with Jamie Marloo Thomas, a proud Aboriginal Australian and the co-founder of Wayapa - the first formalised wellness and connection practice based on Indigenous Australian knowledge. Wayapa is also known as Wayapa Wurrk, which means connect to country. It focuses on taking care of the Earth as a starting point for healing ourselves. It’s a physical practice and an earth meditation, that has been likened to eastern practices such as yoga and tai chi.

In our conversation, Jamie shares some of the rich storytelling and traditional knowledge that has been shared with him by Elders and Community, including more about the energy connection to earth that has sustained Australian Aboriginal people to be the world’s oldest, continuous living culture – for over 80,000 years. You'll discover ancient Aboriginal Australian practices that you can introduce into your own life to root down to earth, and to re-establish your relationship with the natural world.