Meet Kayla


“I spent years living with crippling anxiety before I saw a psychologist, where I was taught practical tools to reduce stress, ease tension and listen to the signals from my body. But I left with so many unanswered questions. Mainly - why aren’t these tools taught to everyone? In schools? Universities? Workplaces? Why did I have to wait to hit rock bottom to encounter them?

With a passion for holistic health, I began to speak publicly about my experiences and I discovered two things: First, that women are yearning for reliable information to understand their bodies, minds and sexual reproductive health. And secondly, they deeply want to take charge of their health to change the way they live.

While I was looking for self-soothing techniques for anxiety, others are looking for nuanced information about their fertility. Some are looking for techniques to cultivate body positivity. Others want better sex. Who doesn’t?!

I launched AKIN with the purpose to offer a home for education that combines evidence-based knowledge with holistic practice. Where you can find information to trust. And where we can celebrate individuality, intuition, and the wild ride that comes with having a bumpy body that doesn’t come with a guidebook.”

-Founder Kayla Robertson