Good Sex & Sensuality with Michelle Temminghoff & Carol Mikhael


Today we’re going behind closed doors, exploring something that’s universally experienced but rarely discussed, and filled with a lot of confusion and awkwardness.

I’m talking about sex - specifically, sexual intimacy, physical connection and sensuality.

Now, sexuality and sensuality isn’t an area that’s often connected with wellness - but it should be. In fact, the idea came about while I was reading the latest report from the Global Wellness Summit on the future trends in wellness, and it said women’s sexuality - and femtech - is one of the next big trends in wellness.

Ironic, somewhat, when people have been having sex since day one.

Today’s episode is an incredible foray into sexuality and everything you could want to know about it, and I couldn’t think of two better guests to have on the show to accompany us on this journey.

Michelle Temminghoff is the owner of Passionfruit - the sensuality shop. Michelle opened the store after seeing a disconnect between the “goodness” of sex and how awfully devious she felt having to walk into a sex shop. Twenty years on and the store is a local institution for women, for couples and for anybody looking to learn more about sensuality.

My other guest is Carol Mikhael, a professional tantrica and somatic sexologist. A tantrica is somebody who studies tantra and takes people through practices so they can access their sexuality on a much deeper, more connected level - and Carol sees her job as to create safe spaces for people to journey through their body and to access their sexuality in a present, safe and embodied way. She runs some of these workshops through Passionfruit.

This episode is slightly longer than usual but I encourage you to listen to it all the way through, because we cover some really interesting topics. Including:

  • The history of the vibrator, and how they were created after doctors were developing RSI from manually penetrating female patients with (and I quote) “hysteria”.

  • We cover myths that you may have heard about sexuality and intimacy, and some of the biggest challenges that people bring to Michelle and Carol through their work - and how to move past them.

  • Excellent resources and places to turn to if you’d like to learn more about sexuality in a more honest and empowering way.

We recorded this interview at Passionfruit and it was noisy, so you’ll hear some background noise from time to time. We also giggled A LOT. I’d love to say it was mostly Carol but I think it was me.

You’ll giggle too with this one. Enjoy!


“We have to actually discover what makes us tick, what makes us aroused - everybody has a different erotic blueprint.”

Carol Mikhael

Michelle Temminghoff

Michelle Temminghoff

Image supplied by Passionfruit

Image supplied by Passionfruit


“I’ve often said that if sex shops were called sensuality shops it would make a huge difference to people’s perception [of sex]. Our sexuality is not a novelty. It’s important and serious and fun.”

Michelle Temminghoff

Image supplied by Passionfruit

Image supplied by Passionfruit

Carol Mikhael

Carol Mikhael


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