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Did you know that the average Australian consumes 110 kilograms of meat per year?

Today there are serious concerns for the impact of this unsustainable diet, as the way our food is grown, manufactured and distributed causes serious damage to our environment, farmers, animals, communities and our health.

This week, advocates from a number of wonderful charities are coming together to promote Meat Free Week - a challenge for people to reduce their meat consumption for seven days to raise funds for great causes.

The timing of this episode is rather poetic, as I speak with Gemma Davis, a qualified naturopath, who blogs about ethical eating at The Compassionate Road. She explores how we can make kinder choices in food and in life, covering topics such as: questioning leather, conditions behind free range egg production, and inspiration for plant based cooking.

There are a few reasons why you should consider eating more plants:

  • Adopting a plant based diet is the single biggest action we can take to reduce our personal carbon footprint. That comes from both the UN and Oxford University;

  • Between 30-60% of our personal eco-footprint made up by the food that we eat, making meat production one of the leading causes of climate change;

  • There are many studies that have documented how eating more plants can reduce our risks of developing certain cancers, heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes;

  • More often than not, animals are raised and killed in a way that is cruel on factory farms.

As you’ll know if you’ve been listening to this show for a while, this issue is very close to my heart, as I choose to eat a (mostly) plant-based diet - a vegetarian, if you like. However - whether you want to eat meat or not - I truly believe that eating more plants is an important part of every diet, and that’s why I wanted share this episode with you.

I hope you find this conversation nonjudgemental, informative, and helpful to create a starting place to consider can making kinder choices for us and our planet. Enjoy!


“When we educate ourselves we take our power back.”


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“We’re eating three times a day. We have so many opportunities to make small changes that they add up over a long period of time if enough of us are doing them."


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