The Farm Community with Emma and Tom Lane

Photograph supplied by The Farm

Photograph supplied by The Farm

‘Grow, feed, educate’ is Emma and Tom Lane’s motto for their beloved business, The Farm in Byron Bay.

The ethos underpins all they do, and stems from their deep belief that firsthand experience of seeing how food is grown and produced makes eating so much more pleasurable - and equips us to make better food decisions for our health and the health of our planet.

But here’s the problem. We are living through a dual food crisis. A lack of food knowledge (and interest) in the general population is making us fatter and sicker. Add to this that farmers are one of the most unappreciated members of our community, and anybody would think you’re crazy opening a business in farming.

“People did think we were crazy,” Tom says. But they were determined.

The family lived on Sydney’s Darling Harbour, where Tom led his family’s business, the fashion label Oroton, and Emma worked in advertising. But when they discovered their three-year-old daughter in their veggie patch, devouring green beans she’d grown herself, they wanted a healthier life for their young family.

The seed of an idea was born to launch a working farm, offering this same food connection for other families.

Utilising their business skills, Emma and Tom devised an innovative business model that veered away from the traditional working farm, instead becoming home to a collection of micro-businesses - including the award winning Three Blue Ducks restaurant - that all share in a common goal; supporting the environment, fostering community and contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

It’s a winning combination. The Farm has become a beloved addition to Byron Bay’s community and is a hub of thriving activity. In fact, the first time I went there Chris Hemsworth and his family were enjoying themselves there too.

Today the Farm is improving the health and wellbeing of the community - from the ground up.


“Food was the first form of currency. That’s how the world started feeding each other - and that’s sort of what happens here." Emma Lane

“Eat seasonally, eat locally and get to know your local farmer. Everybody knows their local dentist but not their local farmer. You eat three times a day so it’s important to know where your food comes from." Tom Lane


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  • The Farm Community book will be available to buy here in September

  • Inspiration for The Farm included: Jimmy’s Farm -  Suffolk, England

  • Inspiration for The Farm included: Blue Hill at Blue Stone Barns Farm - New York, America

  • The charitable group that The Farm supports is Liberation Larder


The Collective:

  • Shout out this week goes to the lovely Annie from Melbourne. Annie reached a new chapter in her life where she’s finished up a job and is looking to make a conscious choice forward to approach the next step with more fulfilment and meaning. Annie wrote: “I'm feeling so alive from hearing about the amazing things that people are doing, and I can only imagine how this makes you feel too. Hearing Tim Silverwood talk about the work that he has done through seeing a need was really inspiring. This is my opportunity to take the next step in the right direction." Good luck Annie with making courageous decisions that honour your wellbeing.


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Photography supplied by The Farm

Photography supplied by The Farm

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