Low Tox Living with Alexx Stuart

Photograph by Rob Palmer

Photograph by Rob Palmer

You've probably heard the term 'lox tox' before - it's commonly used in blogs, health food stores, 'earth' packaging and even hairdressing salons. The phrase was coined by Alexx Stuart many years ago after seeing a lack of transparency in our food system, personal care and cleaning products. At the time, the decision ti reduce her toxic load seemed to be filled with black and white binary distinctions of 'no tox' and 'zero chemical' lifestyles that felt like an unrealistic process to integrate into daily life. 

Instead, she founded the blog Low Tox Life and began to research simple steps that she could take to reduce the overall amount of chemicals and toxins from her life - one nasty at a time.

Today Low Tox Life is not just a blog, podcast and facebook community - but a growing movement. Low tox living has moved into the mainstream conscience as we become more educated as a society about the damage our lifestyles are causing to our health and the health of our planet.

I must admit - I felt that I was fairly educated in this area before speaking with Alexx in this interview, believing that I was already practising what advice she'd share during our interview.

But I have a spoiler alert: I was not.


"Most of us have been through 13 years of school and are university educated, and we've never once been told to analyse what goes on and in us, its effect on our health, and the planet. That blows my mind! That's not your fault - that's our culture's fault, and corporation's fault, for being so darn good at what they do." 


Alexx’s go to cleaning products:

Three steps Alexx recommends you try today:

  • Ditch Fabric softeners and plug in air fresheners - switch to diffusing essential oils instead

  • Change up your body lotion to a low tox choice

  • Look at your mentality and why this matters to you. This will fuel your passion for moving forward with other channels


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