Inward explores the truth of the body, the potential of the mind and the wild mystery of the human heart.



Our Founder

Inward helps people to thrive. We believe that this begins by nurturing our inner life. After all, it’s only when we know who we really are, with all of our flaws and grace, that we can access the best version of ourselves and live meaningfully.

Tools for developing self-knowledge and emotional intelligence are hard to come by – they’re not taught in schools, universities or workplaces. We draw from traditions like yoga, meditation, somatic movement, positive psychology and coaching to invite you into a deep sense of self.

In partnership with experts and inspirational people, we’ll soon offer classes, circles, community gatherings to fuel the journey. For some people, this process isn’t easy - whether it be due to anxiety, stress or a myriad of other reasons. We draw inspiration from inclusive, trauma-informed and mental health aware frameworks and believe in practices that celebrate each person’s unique intuition and choice on what’s best for them. 

So welcome. We’re thrilled to have you here.


Kayla Robertson spent years living with anxiety before she realised there was something she could do about it. When she met her psychologist Geraldine and learnt practical tools to reduce stress and listen to the signals from my body, she was delighted. But she also left with a burning question: why aren’t these tools taught to everyone? And why did she have to hit rock bottom to discover them?

With a passion for holistic health, Kayla began to speak about her experiences and discovered two things: First, that people are yearning for information to understand the highs and lows and sideways of their inner lives. And secondly, they want to change the way they live.

Kayla launched Inward as a purpose-driven business to offer practices that empower people to thrive from the inside out. It’s a generative space that celebrates the beautiful and bumpy ride that comes with being human.